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Aviva - Princesses Don't Cry

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Текст песни

Boys they're handsome and strong
But always the first to tell me I'm wrong
Boys try to tame me, I know
They tell me I'm weird and won't let it go
No, I'm fine, I'm lying on the floor again
Cracked door
I always want to let you in
Even after all of the shit, I'm resilient
Cause a princess doesn't cry (no)
A princess doesn't cry (no-o)
Over monsters in the night
Don't waste our precious time
On boys with pretty eyes
A princess doesn't cry (no)
A princess doesn't cry (no-o)
Burning like a fire
You feel it all the time
But wipe your teary eyes
Cause princesses don't cry
Don't cry, don't cry oh
Don't cry
Don't cry oh
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, oh
Cause princesses don't cry
Girls so pretty and poised
And soft to the touch
But God made me rough
Girls, so…

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